Carbon Brush Soap


We all know beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. However, a build-up of product and grime on makeup brushes will not only sabotage the ability to apply cosmetics with precision, it can compromise skin health and potentially spread infection. Sanitation eliminates micro-organisms but it does not remove the spores that can facilitate their production. This neutral odour, vegetable-based Carbon Brush Soap, and the accompanying scrubbing mat, rids brushes of spores to inhibit microbial growth. It eliminates dirt and grime, whilst activated carbon acts like a sponge to absorb the build-up of heavy metals from cosmetics. The Carbon Brush Soap is ideal for a weekly deep clean to keep your makeup brush collection free from dirt, heavy metals, spores and microbes. Guarantee hygienically clean brushes with the ISOCLEAN Brush Cleaning Regime. - 72% of women admit to never washing their makeup brushes. - 85% of women who do clean their makeup brushes use household products such as water, shampoo, dish soap or olive oil, none of which are anti-bacterial. - 22% of women say it takes too long to clean them or for the brushes to dry.

  • Dampen your brush with lukewarm water.
  • Swirl your brush in the soap tin until foaming appears.
  • Scrub the brush in circular motions onto the brush cleaner pad until all trace of foaming has disappeared.

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