Tatti Lashes

Invisi-Lash Remover


Remove and clean your Tatti Lashes Clusters with our ultra gentle 2-in-1 Invisi-Lash Remover & Lash Cleaning Solution! This hardworking yet gentle remover quickly dissolves any traces of Invisi-Lash Adhesive while leaving your lashes nourished and spotless. This multi-tasking remover can be also be used to remove Invisi-Lash Adhesive from your Lash Clusters. Did you know that by removing adhesive from your lash clusters, you can get up to 20+ wears from them? Our gentle solution is safe and suitable for use on your Tatti Lashes Individual lash fibres. Maximise the life span of your Tatti Lashes Individual Clusters!

This product is only available to purchase for customers based in Northern Ireland and Republic Of Ireland. 

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