Lusso Tan

Tan Remover Bath Bomb


Introducing the Lusso Tan Removing Bath Bomb, your solution for effortless self-tan removal. This specially crafted bath bomb gently breaks down and removes self-tan while leaving your skin refreshed. Choose from soothing scents like lavender, citrus, and eucalyptus for a luxurious experience. Say goodbye to unwanted tan lines and hello to rejuvenated skin with the Lusso Tan Removing Bath Bomb.

How To Tan

The Bath Bomb can be used in one session or broken in half for multiple use. We advise no less than a half per session for best results. Different skin types or tan formulas will differ so the longer you soak the better the results. We advise not to tan immediately after, instead let all of the oils really seep into the skin to hydrate and moisturise.

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