Dr Jart+

Tea-treement Invisible Patch


Dr Jart+

Peel-off transparent patch that covers the skin and protects the skin from external stimuli. Protects the skin by forming a protective shield that keeps makeup and other dirt from irritating the skin.
Unlike the traditional spot patches we have used before this invisible patch is a liquid patch that forms a thin protective shield upon application.
Infused with Tea Tree Leaf Extract it will moisturise and tighten the pores whilst the tea tree oil will reduce sebum production whilst protecting and soothing the skin at the same time. How to use Daytime - After skincare and before applying your base make up, apply an adequate amount to the required areas that need coverage. Wait for the thin film to dry and apply base make up and make up as usual.
Night time - After facial cleansing, apply it to your face in the last step of skin care.

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