Sculpted by Aimee

Sultry Stories Eyeshadow Palette


Create your own eye story with Sculpted By Aimee's very first eyeshadow palette that is proven to pop every eye colour. They've created a Sultry Story for all with these easy to follow blends created to Buff, Smoke, Shimmer and Dress Up any eye makeup look. Featuring a versatile range of shades and formulas to define with pigmented mattes, shine in metallic shades and add colour with super soft shimmers. Finishes that work like a dream on all eye colours, shapes and sizes. Following Aimee’s trusted 3 step process of Buff, Smoke, Shimmer, this palette will be your go to for day to night no matter what your makeup level. What’s Your Sultry Story? 6 Smooth Matte Shades to Buff, Smoke and Define 3 Shimmer Shades to highlight and add sparkle 3 Metallic Shades for the ultimate colour pay off Vegan Friendly - Not Tested On Animals

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